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13 Mar 2010 13:23

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Have you ever visited Britain and wondered what Brits are talking about. Maybe you need to brush up on British language for your future visit. Or maybe you just want to impress people with your knowledge of the British language, how hard can it be, after all it’s only English right?

This week we are covering British phrases beginning from G to J:

Gagging means desperate for something. Used like “i’m gagging for a cup of tea”

Gallivanting means mesisng around and playing about.

Gander means to browse and look around “i’m having a gander in this shop”.

Get stuffed means the same as bugger off!

Getting off means making out with someone, kissing etc. More of a teenager term.

Give us a bell means to call my telephone. “Lets speak later about that, give us a bell”.

Gobsmacked is when you are shocked and you would put your hand over your mouth ” I cant beleive you lost all that weight, i’m totally gobsmacked”.

Goolies means testicles “I got kicked in the goolies”. Not to be confused with Ghoulies which is ghosts.

Gormless is someone who just looks uneducated by appearance of their face.

Grub is a term for food. Like the online USA British Food Shop called ‘Jolly Grub’.

Gutted means totally upset by losing out on something, as if your guts were ripped out “I’m totally gutted I lost my dog”.

Haggle means to argue or negotiate about the price of an item. This was used in a great sketch from the Monty Python ‘Life of Brian’ film: ... r_embedded

Hanky panky messing around and to have sex.

Have a Banana is cockney term from a song, but is now used to be used if someone got what they wanted or you give it to them, instead of saying “there you go, have that” some say “Have a banana”:

Hiya is short for Hello There.

Horses for courses is expression of meaning each to there own.

How’s your father? is an old fashioned expression for having sex “fancy a bit of how’s your father”.

Hump means fed up “got the hump” or also used to explain people having sex ‘Humping’.

Hunky Dory means that everything is all OK and no worries.

Jammy means the same as Fluke, to be lucky ” You won a prizze…You jammy git”.

Jimmy or going Jimmy Riddle (Rhymes with piddle), means to get to the toilet and urinate.

John Thomas means a penis, as used in the Penis song from Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life film: ... r_embedded

Jolly is to be happy and everyone is have a good time “it’s a jolly good party”.

Just Not Cricket is said when something is not being fair. Cricket is a game for gentlemen and no cheating should never exist and all would be fair. If somone had eaten more cake than rest then you could say “Hey c’mon that’s just no cricket”.

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13 Mar 2010 13:41

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Dicky or feeling dicky means that your feeling unwell. Rhymes with Sick or Sicky.

Dim means some is not intelligent. As meaning that there light is not fully on.

Dishy means someone that looks nice because they have dressed nice or is good looking. Good enough to eat.

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. Term used for building or upkeep around the house. Instead of hiring builders you might just DIY.

Do means a function or party “Going to a bit of a do”. Couldbe also used aggresive by saying “I’ll do you” means i’ll beat you up. Also can be used to express that you want to have sex with someone by saying ” I want to do her”.

Doddle means that something was easy for you to achieve ” This job is a doddle”.

Dodgy means something that is not finished properly or to good standard “You got a dodgy haircut” or “Don’t trust him, he looks like a dodgycharacter”.

Dog’s bollocks means is something is the best.

Dog’s dinner is food that is all mixed together. Sunday roast is good to make into a dog dinner with Bisto Gravy.

Donkey’s years means that a long time “I ave not seen you for donkeys”.

Drop a clanger is to make a mistake “I dropped a clanger”.

Easy Peasy is a kids saying for something that was easy.

Engaged could
mean the step before marriage, but for us Brits it means the telephone line is busy or cant get through.

Faff could
mean taking to long on a project and should really move on “stop faffing around and get it finished”.

Fancy means that you want something in particular or have a taste for it i.e wanting baked beans on toast instead of cereal for breakfast “I fancy beans on toast”.
Also, the term is also used for anything posh or good standard and upper class. “Wow this restaurant is very fancy”.

Fanny is a female vagina. Also rhymes with Granny, which is used in the term “Smashing your Granny”

Fanny around is same as Faff

Fiddle sticks a mild swear word.

Fit would be used to describe a human who is in shape and good looking ” She is well fit”.

Flog means to sell an item. Probably more commonly used at a British Boot Sale or Market.

Fluke is somethnig happend by chance and/or to be lucky. Kicking a soccer ball and bounces off two players, the goal post and into the goal would be classed as a fluke.

Flutter means to gamble. Probably came from pound notes being spread in the hand and waved to show lots of winning would look like a bird fluttering wings.

Fortnight basically means 2 weeks.

Fruity means someone is getting horny or saucy.

Full Monty means to go all the way, a sexual term. But also used to describe a Full English Breakfast. Many non Brits will know the phrase ‘Full Monty’ from the film of the same name, starring Robert Carlyle which was a popular British export hit:

Full of beans having lots of energy, perhaps coming from having beans on toast which is full of fibre and carbs which would give energy.

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13 Mar 2010 13:47

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Ace means If something is ace then it would mean it is very good.

Aggro is a shortened word for aggravation. Means something or someone is giving your trouble.

All right?
is used around London and the south of England. It means “Hello, how are you”? You could say it to a stranger or a friend. The normal response would be for them to say “All right”? back to you. It is said as a question. Sometimes it might get expanded to “all right mate”?

Any road is used in the North of England, instead of saying “anyway”, they say “any road”.

Arse means the same as ass or bum. It is used in phrases like “pain in the arse” (a nuisance) or “I can’t be arsed” (I can’t be bothered) or you might hear something was “a half arsed attempt” meaning that it was not done properly.
The expression was over used by a character called Jed Thomas in a British sketch show called ‘The Fast Show’. It was about West England farmers (Cornwall/Devon) that like to use the word more than once in any sentence: ... r_embedded

Arse about face means you are doing something the wrong way round.

Arseholed is someone that is totally drunk on alcohol.

Baccy is another slang word shortening the word Tobacco. Normally used for rolling tobacco. You may ask a friend “got any baccy”?.

Barmy is calling someone this would mean that are a bit crazy or having an extreme personality. “She’s a bit barmy”.

Bees Knees is a phrase that would be best used when describing how good somthing is. You could say “you look the bees knees in that new suit” or “this hotel is the bees knees”.

Belt up is used by parents may tell there kids to “belt up”! if their kids are misbehaving.

Bender could mean a gay man. But mostly used to describe going out on a heavy drinking session “going on a bender”, which also may sound gay but is not. Confused?

Bite your arm off
is describing someone thats desperate to act on something. You could say a hungry homeless person would bite my arm off for some of my chips.

Bladdered is someone who is really drunk. Probaly comes from filling your bladder full of beer.

Blatant means something is really obvious. Or someone did an action on purpose and did not hide the fact, as in Blatantly Obvious.

Bleeding is an alternative to the word bloody or bloody hell.

Blimey or Gawd Blimey and Cor Blimey. An exclamation of surprise. Altered from the phrase God Blind Me.

Blinding is something that was really great like “we had a blinding time at the fair”.

Bloody is named after Queen Mary, for anyone who disagreed during her reign, she had them killed.

Blooming is another alternative to the word bloody. You might hear someone say “not blooming likely” so that they don’t have to swear.

Blow me is an expression used if one is shocked by an action or event. Finding out you have won some money you might say “well blow me, I was not expecting that”.

Blow off means who farted? Constant source of amusement to us Brits when you guys talk about blowing people off. Conjours up all sort of bizarre images!

Blunt is a saw or a knife is not sharp we say it is blunt. It is also the way most of us speak! In America the knife would be dull.

Boat is cockney rhyming slang for Face. Boat Race = Face. If someon is ugly, you could say to a friend “Look at the boat on that”. – see Mugging Me Off video for use.

Bob’s your uncle is a well used phrase. It is added to the end of sentences a bit like and that’s it!

Bodge making a bodge job means to do a quick job of something and not a quality job. For example, getting abuilder to build a wall that looks great for 2 weeks and then will fall down.

Bollocks is a great English word with many excellent uses. It means testicles but is typically used to describe something that is not great “that bollocks” or if someone is talking on a subject but it not very smart, then you could say to them “you are talking bollox”.

Bomb is something that costs a bomb to buy, means that it is really expensive. You could say “Do you like my new jacket, it cost a bomb”.

Bonk means having sex. “I met a girl the other night, took her to my flat and bonked her”.

Bottle means overcoming fear as in “That guy had a lot of bottle to fight all three guys at once”. or “You had a lot of bottle to stand in from of 500 people and make that speech”.

Box your ears meant kids heard their dads threaten to box their ears if they mis-behaved. The action would be to slap you round the side of the head, probably for bad manners.

Brassed off means if you are brassed off with something or someone, you are fed up with them or anything.

Brill is a shortened word for Brilliant!

Bubble or ‘having a bubble’ is a cockney rhyming slang for ‘laugh’. Bubble bath rhymes with laugh.

Budge up could be heard if you was on a train and there is still room on the seat for you to squeeze into. “There is room here, can you budge up”.

Bugger is similar to bloody. But could mean to be lucky to someone who might dislike. “I wanted to win that prize, you lucky bugger”. But it could also mean as piss off “why dont you just bugger off”!. Or if you have broken something by mistake you could say “oh bugger it”.

Bugger all means that you have nothing. Normally expressed when you cannot pay for something i.e. “Sorry, I have bugger all”.

Bung means to throw. “Can you bung my car keys over”. But also has been used to describe people taking a bribe. Soccer players have been accused of taking a bung to throw or fix a game.

Bunged Up means if you have a cold or flu and you cant breathe through your nose “I’m all bunged up”.

Butchers means to have a look at anything . This really is derived from Cockney Rhyming Slang, found in the East End of London. Butchers Hook rhymes to Look. “Lets have a butchers at your new car mate”.

Chat up means to talk to a guy or girl with intentions to form relations with them. You could say to your friend in the pub “go and chat up that guy, he’s good looking”.

Cheeky means to be outspoken and rude (but a nice rude) or to have the last word or flippant. But could also be used if your dog stole a sausage from your dinner plate “hey fido you cheeky little monkey”.

Cheerio basically
means to say goodbye, but more informal. Soccer fans sing this to opposing losing fans that are leaving the stadium early, normally to the tune of ere we go…but replaced by cheerio.

Cheers is to say thank you, but more informal. Also can be used to when clinking drinks together in celebration.

Cheesed off means to be unhappy with the way things are going.

Chin Wag describes you mouth moving, which mean talking. “I met an old friend and we had a good chin wag”.

Chuffed means to be happy with something. “I made that cake and am well chuffed with it”.

Clear off! would be used to tell someone to go away.

Cock up is making a mistake. “You cocked that up”.

Codswallop is talking rubbish or lying about something.

Cor is less used now but was very popular with the Carry On films. It used to express how you might feel about someone who is sexy. Instead of making the noise “Mmmmm” you might go “Cor!” or really make it longer “Cooooorrrrr”!. Best use of this is found by Jim Dale (of Harry Potter Audio book fame) in Carry On Doctor: ... r_embedded
Cracking is something that means it fantastic.

Crikey is a old school upper class word to express like “oh dear” when shocked “oh crikey”.

More letters next week. Leave us a comment if you think we missed a good British phrase from A to C below.

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